So it begins….

Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good meal (lol) and also love to get a great deal! This combined with my fave hobby (writing reviews) has led me to ‘What Maddie Says’, my new venture, and hopefully an exciting new hobby!!!!!!

‘What Maddie Says’ is basically my personal review on the places I go and the things I see/eat there! I’ve been reviewing restaurants and hotels and various other places for an array of websites for a while, and decided why not just do it all in one place! So here we are, hopefully this all makes sense and I’m not just rambling to myself!

The aim is for other people to read my reviews and hopefully take my advice (or do the complete opposite!) but, if this does just end up being my personal place to remember all the lovely places I’ve been to see I’m so looking forward to giving it a go!

I’ve decided to work on a simple scale, with a descriptive review of the place I’ve experienced, hopefully some pictures, plus a couple of extra bits! For me, value for money is key and I’m all about the affordability, therefore, I’m going to score each place out of 10 on a value for money basis!

As you’re aware, I’m completely new to this and therefore open to suggestion, so please if you have any comment to make let me know! So there it is, the beginning of my new idea and hopefully the start of something great!!

Love, Maddie x

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