So recently at Battersea Park Exhibition centre has been the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair, with the food partner being Megan’s Kitchen.

I had the pleasure of eating their Aubergine, Potato and Pea Masala with Turmeric Rice. The food was seriously tasty, each bite had distinct flavour and the balance really worked together. The presentation was also to a very high standard, which I was surprised at, as the food was served in a canteen like setting.

I would rate the food an 9/10 for Quality, it was obviously quality ingredients used and very tasty as a result of this.

For me, the main drawback of the food was the price, this vegetarian dish cost £10.50. Usually for a restaurant setting this would be to be expected, however as this was such a casual setting I was surprised at the cost. I would rather this dish a 7/10 for Value, as although the food tasted delicious, perhaps the price is slightly high for the setting.

Overall I would definitely recommend a visit to Megan’s Kitchen, their pop-up brasserie was a real treat!

Please stay tuned for further food updates coming soon!!

Love, Maddie x

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