So last night I headed out to Salvador and Amanda in Covent Garden with friends for a birthday party meal!

We walked in down the stairs into the main restaurant and were seated in one of the booths. Very quickly we ordered some jugs of sangria (of course) and opted for an array of tapas!

(Apologies for the poor picture) The lighting inside the restaurant is red and so isn’t best for the iPhone pics!

I ordered the Albondigas and some patatas bravas (classic). We also ordered some Chicken wings with lemon, the pork ribs, calamari and fries.

The food itself was so delicious, the tapas selection was really appetising and presented very nicely. The food was brought out as it was ready which was great for us in a larger group as we could all pick at the food as it came! I think this actually fills you up more!

As you can see it didn’t take long to demolish the meals! The ambiance of the restaurant was great and the music was fantastic to fit in with the theme and the tapas food.

I would also rate the value for money at a 7/10. The dishes were about £5.00-£7.00 each, which I think is quite high for tapas dishes, however, the quality of the food was to a high level, plus considering we were in central London on a Friday night it was good value for money too!

The best part of this restaurant was the happy hour deal!! The sangria was £11 for a jug, which was happily received by all the guests! I would definitely recommend, for more info please see their webpage here!

Disclaimer: as my photos were all super dark, I used a photo from the website as the header image on this post!

Let me know if you’ve visited Salvador and Amanda, its a great party place to go!

Love, Maddie x

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