Okay so people that know me know I visited Malaysia this summer on holiday with my family (and haven’t stopped banging on about it since), and I am positively obsessed with Malaysian cuisine. So, when I was out with my dad at Westfield Shopping Centre and we wandered past Rasa Malaysia, we had to pop in for some food.

The cozy fast food restaurant has quirky seating areas, allowing customers to relax while they eat, and then are easily able to get on with their shopping.

The food itself is delicious! We were positively surprised at the dishes being whipped up so quickly and still retaining that authentic taste.

I opted for a Chicken Mee Goreng Mamak, which is a ‘Fried yellow egg noodles cooked with our special blend of chili paste, bean sprouts, tofu and selected vegetables’. As previously mentioned, I love spicy food, so this was right up my street. The freshness of the food was paramount, having been cooked in front of me I could tell it would be delicious.


My dad chose the Roti Canai with a chicken curry. This honestly was one of the nicest Roti’s I have ever eaten. The fresh taste was amazing, and dipped in the curry it was a proper delight. The sweet and spicy flavours in that chicken curry were to die for and I would definitely recommend!

This place was great as it allowed customers to speed in and out, but still get that authentic and amazing taste, at a reasonable price. I would give it an 8/10 for value, as this restaurant is a ‘fast food’ outlet, however, the actual taste and quality is amazing, and I definitely think it is worth the money you pay!

For more info about the Westfield Rasa, please see their webpage!

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