It’s been another super busy week, so in order to catch up with a friend and have a tasty meal we decided to head to Vapiano on Great Portland Street – extra lucky because it’s literally around the corner from my office!

If you’ve never been to Vapiano before, it’s not quite like normal restaurants! You are given a card upon entry, which you take to your table with you. Then you go up to a counter to choose your food, either pasta or pizza or an array of other bits! We both opted for pasta and then comes the decision of what pasta to get! There’s an array of different choices, plenty to choose from!

Then comes the choice of sauce and other ingredients to have with your pasta! There are so many! I chose the Estiva, which consists of chicken breast, ginger, chilli, mint, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes! As you can imagine, this was insanely good.

The best part about Vapiano, and the special selling point is that the food is all cooked in front of you!!!! It’s all fresh and cooked as you wait so that once it’s ready you take it straight back to your table and eat! Such a good idea and a really lovely restaurant to match! The table had lovely additional features like oil and balsamic vinegar, and with the pasta dishes comes a free portion of bread! Everyone loves bread so this obviously goes down well, especially with me!!

After this trip I would definitely recommend checking it out – for a delicious meal with a slight twist it is a fabulous place to visit! I would give this is an 9/10 for value for money as the portions are large, the service is amazing and the food literally couldn’t be more fresh! For lunch or dinner it’s worth it, but beware the portions are large (this of course isn’t a negative but on this occasion I’d say make sure you’re hungry!!!!) If you know of any restaurant worth a visit with a twist let me know in the comments!

Love, Maddie x

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