Okay so continuing my steak theme at the moment – we visited Flat Iron on Denmark Street recently, and it really is a mysterious place.

There was a queue outside the restaurant, which is actually really difficult to find! It has a very unassuming front shop look, we only knew it was the restaurant due to my map and overhearing the queueing customers chatting! We managed to book a table for about half an hour after we first arrived at the restaurant, so went off for a look around and built up our appetites!


The thing that struck me most about Flat Iron was the mystery. Their website is very plain, with no menu listings or direct marketing, the main appeal comes from word of mouth, and luckily we had been recommended by friends to visit.


We sat down in the corner of the little restaurant, on a cosy little table, complete with our initial snack of popcorn on the house, a touch which I think is super sweet, gets you ready for the meal, and actually makes you thirsty and ready to order a cocktail, which is exactly what I did!


Unfortunately for me, the cute candle lit room meant my camera photos aren’t the best, and I was too nervous to whack the flash on in such a full room!

I love a Bellini, and this sloe gin and strawberry cocktail was such a fab start to a treat meal! We then started to look at the menu, which has a small but not limited selection of dishes. I opted for the specials board’s Flat Iron Burger and Chris chose the classic Flat Iron Steak.


As you can see, the pricing for this is so reasonable, for a fresh steak burger to cost £10 in central London, I was quite impressed! The side dishes is where our bill started to go up, as we got slightly carried away and ordered most of them on the menu….


For some reason we thought that the purple sprouting broccoli, creamed spinach, roasted aubergine and a portion of chips wouldn’t be enough, so we ordered two portions of chips to go with our meal…. This was an error! We ate as much as possible and still had about one portion of the chips leftover. However, I can definitely recommend these dishes! The broccoli and aubergine were cooked to perfection, and the creamy addition to the spinach made it so tasty. As you can see, the burger was so large, and the steak was cooked exactly as asked for.

This place was super cute, the food was delicious, and the value for money was actually really good. I would definitely say it’s worth the visit, just perhaps book in advance as I can tell they get super busy! It’s such an insta worthy location – with everyone snapping pics of their food and the cool vibes of the setting, plus the quality of the food makes it well worth a trip!

Love, Maddie

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