Sinnotts Bar – Dublin

Part two of the Dublin posts takes us to Sinnotts Bar by St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre! We visited on a Sunday at lunchtime, so it was quite busy, but we didn’t have a wait for a table which was ideal because, as always, we were super hungry…

This pub was recommended to us, and we probably wouldn’t have visited if we hadn’t previously known about it because it’s quite a sneaky location and is hidden by the distractions of the shopping centre and The Gaiety Theatre that surround it!

‘The original pub stood at No 3, South King Street, which is now part of the Shopping Centre. Don’t be disheartened by this, Sinnott’s has one of the rarest and most genuine pub atmospheres in Dublin.’

When we went into the pub, it was super busy because the football was on, which just added to the appeal and atmosphere! We squished into a table at the side of the bar and got some menus and ordered some Guinness.

To continue the tradition of the weekend, a portion of fish and chips and two beef roast dinners! As you can see, these dishes were beautifully presented and arrived to the table super quickly, which we didn’t expect!

The roast beef was honestly the most tender roast I have ever eaten… It was so soft and literally fell apart when I touched it with the fork. The vegetables were cooked well, but I think needed more, especially as we ordered a side dish of further veg.

The general ambiance of the pub was great, it was super busy and buzzing, the large screens to show the football and rugby went down a treat and it seemed like the place was full of locals enjoying their Sunday with their families.

The service was also really impressive, with the waitresses and bar staff working hard to please everyone, and being genuinely friendly at the same time. This was such a good recommendation, and I would definintely suggest a visit for a drink, food and to watch the sport on a number of screens!

The Brazen Head – Dublin!

Recently, a few friends and I went to Dublin for a girly weekend. It was an absolute treat and we enjoyed so many great meals, I thought it’d be a good idea to do a little summary review of some of the places we went to eat in!

First of all we went to enjoy what we thought was a meal in the oldest pub in Ireland, The Brazen Head, although we were later told by a taxi driver that it’s just a ‘tourist trap’…..Β 

Brazen Head Coutyard Signpost!

We arrived at this quaint little pub, and had a peek into the bar and restaurant area. It was PACKED. Literally so full of people of all nationalities, which was super nice and even if that is a ‘tourist trap’ we were happy with that!!

We decided, even though it was January, to sit in the open courtyard because it was super cute, well lit and warm from the heaters dotted around the yard. We squeezed into the corner and got cosy in the outdoor air! Looking at the menu we couldn’t decide what to choose, so opted for a classic Irish stew and a fish and chips. As we’d had a late lunch, we thought two dishes between 3 would be enough, and we were so right. The portions, as you can imagine in an Irish pub, were huge!

Huge portions – the size of the fish!!!!

The stew was so tasty, with a large helping of mash and loads of gravy to be soaked up! Bread was also given to us to help with this… greatly appreciated by me!

The fish and chips was also insanely good, it was so fresh and the batter was crunchy but not greasy – exactly how it should be! We couldn’t believe how much food we got, and even though we were full we were desperate to eat it all because of how tasty it was! I always know its been a solid meal when I just don’t want it to end!

As a tourist, this meal was exactly what we were looking for; hearty, traditional, tasty and actually really good value considering where it was! The staff were friendly and helpful, and the setting was perfect! I think the ability to sit outside added to the appeal, and we didn’t feel cold luckily due to the heaters. I can only imagine how perfect it’d be to sit there on a summery day with a cold drink in hand! I would definitely recommend, but as always, make sure you’re hungry!!

Love, Maddie x