I’m back!!!!!!! After a ridiculously long break from doing any writing I figured it’s time to return and so I’m back with a Mauritius special!

For my parents 35th wedding anniversary (the coral year) Dad decided he wanted to visit somewhere with coral…. long story short, off to Mauritius we went! We visited in August which is towards the end of the rainier season on the island before it gets too hot and we would have literally started to melt…

LUX* Le Morne’s private beach which seems to go on forever!

In order to book this trip of a lifetime we used Travelbag, ‘who specialise in creating tailor-made holidays to a range of worldwide destinations.’ This company were a delight – helping to organise our trip including the flights, transfers and giving advice about how to choose where on the island to stay. Although this was our first time visiting Mauritius, I feel as though we stayed in the most beautiful, natural part of the island – surrounded by nature and the most INCREDIBLE views and coral reefs.

We stayed at the incredible LUX* Le Morne hotel which honestly felt like being royalty. I’ve never experienced a service like it and even two months on I still think about how fantastic the staff were at making us feel so special!

One of about 50 million sunset pics taken on the trip

The experience went above and beyond – the welcoming staff were happy to fulfil our every need, the cleaners were kind and made the rooms look absolutely immaculate every day and the beach staff offered a helpful service like no other.

We were staying in a room like the below picture, which fit two adults per room. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and plants, with views of Le Morne in the background and out to the sea, we literally couldn’t ask for more.

In terms of luxury and quality, the hotel was absolutely outstanding and as you can tell from my enthusiasm in this post, we enjoyed it an insane amount! But in addition, the commitment to sustainability which LUX resorts abide by was very inspiring to me. Their ‘tread lightly’ campaign is an initiative which is aiming for carbon neutral holidays – something which is so important for an island with such a diverse eco-system, both for now and for our future! From using recyclable products in each room, committing to using locally sourced ingredients and aiming to reduce the amount of laundry which each suite has to undertake, all aspects of sustainability are thought of at the hotel, which only enhances the luxury feel of the service.

The Beach restaurant – one of three at the hotel offering a range of stunning cuisine

From start to finish I would recommend a trip to LUX* Le Morne and since returning to the UK I regularly look at their website and pray I’ll be able to go back and get used to these stunning colours!

Le Morne – this pic was taken just after we finishing swimming with wild dolphins – best experience of my life!

Perhaps next time I’ll stay in one of their other resorts on the island! If you’ve stayed at a LUX* resort or anywhere in Mauritius to recommend please leave a comment – I’m so ready to discover more!

Love, Maddie x

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