Happy New Year!!!! 2019 I am so ready for you!

So for New Years Eve this year my friend and I went out for dinner at Zingara. We had 3 courses for £45, which on NYE I thought was quite reasonable! Of course we ended up spending much more money on all the cocktails and additional drinks, BUT it was always going to be a big night!

The food menu was a set menu for NYE, and there was loads to choose from!!

Loads of options!

I went for tartiflette first – fancied something cheesy, but thinking about it with hindsight I probably shouldn’t have chosen something so filling… The portion was massive, so I didn’t eat it all, but still was super full up. The cheese was amazing, so tasty and nicely seasoned.

Massive starter!

For the main course, I went for the Poussin with garlic and herbs. This was also such a large portion, especially following that starter! The food was really tasty, with great attention to the seasoning of the dish. The sweet potato was smooth and rich in flavour, and the gravy was insanely good.

Roast Poussin with sweet potato mash and green beans

Unforuntantely with dessert I got carried away and tucked in before I could take a photo (oops) but I ordered the Honeycomb Golden Nugget Cheesecake (cheesy again…. I really didn’t think this through!) It was honestly delicious and as much as I didn’t need it, I ate the whole thing! Filling doesn’t even begin to cover it, but it was all so tasty I didn’t want to waste anything!

Overall, the whole dining experience was better than I expected, the dishes were served quickly but I didn’t feel rushed or overcrowded, even on SUCH a busy night of the year! The service was fab and the waitress was very attentive. I would definitely go back to try their standard menu! What did you do for New Year’s Eve? Let me know!

Love, Maddie x

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