I might be getting slightly obsessed with brunch…

I went out into Sevenoaks recently and was recommended Otto’s! It’s a cosy little coffee house on the high street, perfect for a quick break or for an extended pit stop. As well as the seating area on the ground and first floor, there’s also a communal workspace area on the top floor – SUCH a good idea for people needing a bit of peace and quiet to get bits done.

The cafe is marketed primarily for their coffee, both the expertise and skill is obvious as soon as you walk in the door, the number of different types of coffee drink available is amazing! Annoyingly, I’m not a huge coffee fan, so it was potentially slightly wasted on me (sorry!). But even I could tell that the coffee was expertly brewed, so this filled me with hope for the promise of the food!

We are an independent coffee house and kitchen based in the heart of Sevenoaks. Everything we serve is locally and responsibly sourced.


I chose the Brunch Bagel – which is served with beetroot salmon, a poached egg and potentially the nicest hollandaise sauce I’ve ever had. The hollandaise is made using ‘brown butter’, thus giving it this slightly darker colour to usual hollandaise sauces, but it enhanced the taste so much! If I ever decide to cook my own hollandaise, I’ll look into this version of the recipe!

The Otto’s House Breakfast

We also went for the Otto’s House Breakfast, which is a full selection of beautiful breakfast foods, with the sourdough toast was a welcome edition to the plate! It was presented so beautifully, not often does a full breakfast look so tasty and classy!

Considering this is a relatively new and independent establishment, the food was deliciously tasty, and it’s clear the owners know the exact direction they are heading in with Otto’s, and I am pleased to have been able to visit!

Love, Maddie x

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